Investissez dans la location saisonnière

Our teams will support you throughout your investment process, from finding the right property to renting it out. 

Your investment in seasonal rental

Do you lack the time or experience to find good investments? Do you want to invest your savings or accelerate the development of your assets?

At ClickYourFlat we work with investors to ensure the success of their real estate project.  

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Boost your rental income

With seasonal rental investment, you can generate up to 3 times the income of a traditional furnished rental. This means that you can make your property profitable more quickly, allowing you to invest more.

ClickYourFlat is specialised in the management of short term rentals and can take care of your properties to maximise their profitability.

The advantages of seasonal rental investment

High profitability

Our experience and data ensure that your property is always rented at the best price.

Personal use

Unlike long-term rental, seasonal rental allows you to use your property whenever you want*.


La location saisonnière vous permet de diversifier vos secteurs d’investissements et donc d’avoir plusieurs sources de revenus.

Develop your real estate property

ClickYourFlat selects and studies the best products on the market to ensure the success of your rental investment.

Conseils immobilier saisonnier
1 - Advise and research

An advisor will accompany you throughout the conception of your real estate investment project.

Fiscalité location saisonnière
2 - Administrative and legal

We will assist you at every stage, from the bank loan to the signature at the notary's office.

Travaux location saisonnière
3 - Construction and decoration

Our architects and interior designers will take care of sublimating your property to make it unique.

Gestion location saisonnière
4 - Rental management

Our teams ensure the complete management of your property, without any intervention on your part.

ClickYourFlat fees


TTC on the acquisition

5% on the portion < 1m€
4% on the portion 1m€ < 2m€
3% on the portion > 2m€  


TTC on management

Optimisation of rentals incomes
Property maintenance management
Teams dedicated to customers experience  

Now that you are informed, should we take care of your project?